Monday, April 1, 2013



Talk about a cool crib: Facebook purchased the Astrodome and announced plans for a regional hub officing out of the iconic dome.
Facebook will relocate 150 workers and look to hire about that many locally. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg (who reportedly will owe $1 billion in taxes this year) says he couldn't ignore all the headlines about Houston's job growth and low taxes. "We like to be cutting-edge in all our decisions, and our facilities are no different," he said in a statement. "When we heard the Astrodome was sitting unused, we just couldn't resist. Such an iconic building is the perfect addition to our portfolio."Although plans aren't finalized, we learned renowned architect Pickard Chilton is spearheading design of the office; what was once first base will become a swimming pool surrounded by beanbag desks for Facebook's youthful employee base. A track will ring the outside, where employees could run but more likely will race robots. And of course, the roof will be emblazoned with its signature blue and white F. Our calls to the Mayor's office for how this will impact the area went unanswered